Tatuaje Monster "The Mummy" #5 2012 Dress Box

Tatuaje Monster "The Mummy" #5 2012 Dress Box


The V Cut is one of the only places you will still be able to find the Tatuaje Monster Series #5 2012 The Mummy Dress Box. This is an incredibly rare find and our last in stock. Looking to complete your collection or just looking to find one of the most rare Tatuaje boxes out there? This is the find for you.

The dress boxes that The Mummys come in are a major departure from the four releases that preceded it. Instead of a coffin, the cigars are encased in a solid wood sarcophagus with a rendering of a mummy on the top. Inside, there are 13 cigars enclosed in a paper bundle, while a single cigar in the middle is wrapped in tissue paper.

The first thing you notice about The Mummy is the size of the cigar. It is quite long when held in the hand and has a nice heft to it. The wrapper is a nice reddish mocha brown color and has some oil present. It is fairly smooth to the touch, although there are some bumps up and down the length. The Mummy features a closed foot and has just a tiny amount of give when squeezed. The aroma from the wrapper is a combination of strong cedar, sweet hay and strong barnyard.

The first third of The Mummy starts out with a wonderful dominant spicy cedar note, along with notes of leather, earth, dark — slightly bitter chocolate — and cinnamon. There is a biting black pepper on the retrohale for the first 15 puffs or so, but it starts fading after that, and settles down to an almost perfect amount by the end of the first third. There is a nice sweetness that comes and goes — and is just trying to break through — but it is a generic sweetness throughout the first third and I am hoping it opens up a bit more. The draw is effortless so far, and the burn is flawless. Strength is close to medium.

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